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Internet of Drones

100% remote aerial sensing & surveillance.

France 2-TV report : the platform that revolutionizes drones usage for industries

The next essential
industrial tool

Uavia bridges the gap between IoT and drones, empowering industries with real-time aerial inspections & surveillance from anywhere, anytime.

Reinventing aerial inspections

We work hard on making aerial inspection as easy as possible for our users. We take care of hardware so you can focus on business.

Our collaborative web application enables single-click operation of an entire fleet of drones. One or multiple users can simultaneously collect raw aerial images and turn them into insightful actionnable data to be shared with decision-makers.



Available 24/7, without the need for on-site personal.

Internet of Drones

Unlimited Range

Control a whole fleet of drones from your web browser. Anywhere on the globe.

Autonomous Charging Stations

Charging Stations

On-site operation is fully autonomous thanks to our weatherproof charging-stations.

Internet of Drones

Secure Cloud

Compute aerial data in real-time on our private Cloud servers and collaborate on analytics.

Industrial grade,
easy to use.

Our products combine the power of Cloud connectivity with thousands of safety features to execute critical missions in harsh environnements.

Our solutions are used in different industries on a wide variety of use cases
where quick reaction, readiness and repeatability are key.

Railway infrastructure monitoring

Railway infrastructure

Monitoring & Security
Electrical substation surveillance

Electrical grid

Remote verification & Security
Crisis management for first responders

First Responders

Remote Situation Awareness
Sensitive Sites Security

Sensitive Sites Security

Perimeter Surveillance
Surveying for the Mining industry


2D & 3D Measurements
Day-to-day analysis for Construction sites


Day-to-day comparisons
Solar panel failure detection

Solar Plant Monitoring

Routine verifications
Crisis management

Crisis management

Real-time coordination